Roger Partridge
<div class='name'>To Catch a Falling Star</div class='name'><P>Limestone, Brass, Steel<BR>Macmillan Cancer Centre UCLH<BR>1 mt approx <P> 2014 <div class='name'>Fountainhead</div class='name'><P>Jordanian Limestone, 2 of 4 <BR>Queen Rania, Jordan<BR>60cm <P> 2006 <div class='name'>Arch</div class='name'><P>Portland Stone<BR> 80cm <P> 1983<BR>Exhib. Hayward Gallery <div class='name'>Pyramid Base</div class='name'><P>Bath Stone, Clay<BR> 220cm <P> 1982<BR>Exhib. Hayward Gallery <div class='name'>Tide</div class='name'><P>Portland Stone <BR> 80cm <P> 2000 <div class='name'>Bridge</div class='name'><P>Portland Stone<BR> 140cm <P> 1982<BR>Slade Studio <div class='name'>Levels</div class='name'><P>Portland Stone<BR> 230cm <P> 1983<BR>Exhib. Hayward Gallery <div class='name'>Sufi Arch</div class='name'><P>Portland Stone<BR> 1.7m <P> 1990 <div class='name'>Sculptor's Apprentice</div class='name'><P>Portland Stone, Wrought Iron, Paper<BR>190cm<P>1980 <div class='name'>Father and Son</div class='name'><P>Portland Stone, Steel, Plaster<BR> 140cm<P>1989 <div class='name'>Stress</div class='name'><P>Portland Stone, Steel<BR> 130cm <P> 1979 <div class='name'>Time</div class='name'><P>Portland Stone, Steel<BR> 160cm <P> 1979 <div class='name'>Stone Scissors Paper</div class='name'><P>Portland Stone, Bronze <BR> 50cm <P> 1979 <div class='name'>Old Wave</div class='name'><P>Travertine <BR> 70cm <P> 1985 <div class='name'>Calm</div class='name'><P>Slate <BR> 45cm <P>2000 <div class='name'>Swell</div class='name'><P>Slate <BR> 45cm <P> 2000 <div class='name'>Vive</div class='name'><P>Slate, Red Marble <BR> 65cm <P>2000
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